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Domestic Assistance

Many of our clients require practical assistance to manage everyday household tasks, general errands or keeping the garden tidy. Our dedicated specialist team of domestic staff play a very important role in providing these services for a hugely diverse range of people.

Domestic services can be added to a support package at any time. Alternatively for those who do not require personal support, but are just looking for some domestic help, we can arrange this on an independent basis.

We can shop, clean, do the laundry and ironing, change the bed, run errands, keep the garden tidy and help with pet feeding and walking.

This service is completely flexible to meet individual needs and can be arranged on a regular weekly basis or as additional support at specific times of needs.

Whether it’s an hour of ironing, a morning spent cleaning, a full spring clean or a quick visit to the shops, our staff take enormous pride in getting it right. 

We can also assist with more awkward tasks such as defrosting the freezer, washing internal windows or helping to de clutter cupboards and drawers.

Visits range from1 hour and can be arranged in advance or at short notice at times of particular need, perhaps on returning from hospital or during periods of illness. We often support new parents returning home with a new baby when extra help would be welcome.