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Convalescent Care

After a debilitating illness or an operation which may have involved a period in hospital, it is important to take the time to recuperate, it takes time to regain full strength ready to face the demands of daily life again. The quality of care received during the recovery process is extremely important and most people are keen to return home from hospital as soon as possible to continue their convalescence.

We understand that for many the thought of returning home can be quite daunting, suddenly the simplest of things can be difficult. Getting dressed, negotiating the bathroom or making a cup of tea, can become very challenging. Sometimes a little extra help may be all that is required to make this transition more comfortable.

This could be for just a few days to support recovery from an operation or for several weeks of convalescence.

At these times, we can arrange the most appropriate care to enable clients to return to the familiar surroundings of their own home when they are ready and support them and their family through their recovery, for a long as it takes.

Support can be tailored around specific needs including personal or more practical requirements. We work in partnership with hospital discharge teams, so from the moment a client is discharged from hospital we can ensure we have the most appropriate support in place at the right time.

If treatment is planned in advance then we can visit a client prior to hospitalisation to discuss a package of support that will be in place on their return home. This gives reassurance to the client and their family that care will be in place to help and support a speedy recovery.