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Accompanied Holidays

We all sometimes feel like a change of scenery and a break from normal routines.

This can prove more challenging to organise for people who require regular care at home and means those people may not get the chance to enjoy a holiday. With the right support however, it is possible to take a break.  

We offer support to people who find it a challenge to go on a holiday due to the level of care and support they require when they are away from home. 

This service can provide companionship for those travelling alone, and can be tailored to support a client who is holidaying with family or friends.

We will match individual needs with a companion, carer or registered nurse.

Whether it’s a weekend break, a trip to see friends or relatives or a few weeks away, we can provide the most appropriate support.

Everyone can relax and enjoy their holiday knowing that their loved one is getting the personal attention and support they need in the same way they would at home.

This service is available in both the UK and abroad (subject to conditions).